O.S.S.S.U. Det. 101
APO 629, C/O Postmaster
New York, NY


6 May 1945


* Rank awarded long after the end of the War
** Voted by membership Oct 1999 as regular member of the OSS Det. 101 Association

Last Name 1st Name Rank Rank/Category
Wade Emmitt M. Private 15
Wadsworth Claude V. Captain 4
Waffle Albert H. Major 3
Wagner Albert Private 1st Class 14
Walden James E. S/Sergeant 8
Waldo Maturin F. T/Sergeant 9
Walker Earl E. 1st Lieutenant 5
Wallace Robert E. Sergeant 10
Waller Charles F. T/Sergeant 9
Walsh Richard T. Lt. Jg. 16
Walters Robert B. PhM 2/c 18
Wampler Robert E. Captain 4
Ward James R. 1st Lieutenant 5
Ward Hugh C. Private 1st Class 14
Wargo Stephen J. T/Sergeant 9
Wask John Sp(x) 3/c 18
Waters Martin J. Captain 4
Watte Edwin E. Captain 4
Watts Dallas H. Private 1st Class 14
Waugh Frederick J., Jr. 1st Lieutenant 5
Weaver John C. PhM 2/c 18
Webb James H., Jr. 1st Lieutenant 5
Weeks Claire H. 1st Lieutenant 5
Wehrum John E. 1st/Sergeant 7
Welch Wallace 1st Lieutenant 5
Welch John F. Corporal 13
Welch James S. Private 1st Class 13
Weld Philip S. 1st Lieutenant 5
Weschler Rolland E. Sergeant 10
West Lee E. Captain 4
Westberry Richard M. Corporal 13
Wetmore Melvin H. T/Sergeant 9
Weyland Stephen C. 2nd Lieutenant 6
Whitaker Nelson B. Private 1st Class 14
Whitaker Carl C. Corporal 13
White Edwin M. Private 15
White Woodrow W. BM 2/c 18
Whittemore Henry L., Jr. T/4 11
Wible Charles F., Jr. Private 1st Class 14
Wilcox James K. 1st Lieutenant 5
Wilcox Oliver W. Sergeant 10
Wilkinson William C. Lieutenant Colonel 2
Williams Dwight Lt. Jg. 16
Williams Alfrod E. ChSp(P) 18
Williams Earl L. M/Sergeant 8
Willis Nickolas W. Lieutenant Colonel 2
Willis Frederic A. Major 3
Wilson Lysle E. PhM 2/c 18
Winger Wesley E. Corporal 13
Winkel John C. S/Sergeant 8
Winter Frank E. Private 1st Class 14
Wipfli Clarence J., Jr. Private 15
Wiseman Edward C. PhM 3/c 18
Wolbarst Roger K. 1st Sergeant 7
Wolf Lloyd O. S/Sergeant 8
Wollington Sam S. 1st Lieutenant 5
Woodland Lois K. T/Sergeant 9
Woodworth Charles R. Captain 4
Woodworth Valorus C. 2nd Lieutenant 6
Wooley Henry P. Private 1st Class 14
Wooten Allen D. 1st Lieutenant 5
Wrenn Edward F., Jr. 1st Lieutenant 5
Wright James L. 2nd Lieutenant 6
Wright Leroy J. 1st Lieutenant 5
Write Kenneth M. Private 15
Wunderlich Frederic L. T/5 12
Yempuku Ralph T. 1st Lieutenant 5
Yould Rodney B. Sp(P) 1/c 18
Young Vernon L. Sergeant 10
Young Lloyd D. T/5 12
Younger Evelle D. Major 3
Zima Robert R. Private 15
Zimmerman Christian E. M/Sergeant 8
Zino Joseph P. T/4 11
Zwergel John A. T/5 12