O.S.S.S.U. Det. 101
APO 629, C/O Postmaster
New York, NY


6 May 1945


* Rank awarded long after the end of the War
** Voted by membership Oct 1999 as regular member of the OSS Det. 101 Association

Last Name 1st Name Rank Rank/Category
Gabriel Charles R. Captain 4
Gabrielson Dan A. Private 1st Class 14
Gahon George L. 1st Lieutenant 5
Gale Lawrence E. Sergeant 10
Gallovich Elmer Sergeant 10
Gang Julius Private 1st Class 14
Garonski Francis Sergeant 10
Garretson Carroll G. Captain 4
Garrett James M. 1st Lieutenant 5
Gaston Vestle C. Corporal 13
Gatto Anthony T/5 12
Genaw Gerald L. T/5 12
Gentry Claude D., Jr. T/5 12
Geolas Constantine G. T/Sgt. 9
Georges Michael P. Captain 4
Georgia Christos D. Sergeant 10
Gibbons Henry C. 1st Lieutenant 5
Gibbons Hoyt B. Corporal 13
Gibbons Donald F. Private 1st Class 14
Gildee John J., Jr. Major 3
Gill William C. Private 1st Class 14
Gilmore Martin J. T/4 11
Glass Austin O. Major 3
Glass George W., Jr. S/Sgt. 8
Gleason Frank A. Lieutenant 5
Goarin Thomas A. T/5 12
Gogenheimer Eldrod E. Private 15
Goodell Maurice L. 1st Lieutenant 5
Goodnight Warren E. Private 1st Class 14
Gordon Allan Private 1st Class 14
Gorin George D. Major 3
Goro Russell R. T/4 11
Gortney James D. S/Sgt. 8
Goschwind William L. Corporal 13
Gossolin Maurice J. Private 1st Class 14
Grace Ivan C. T/5 12
Grakavac Alexander P. Corporal 13
Grangaard Donald R. 2nd Lieutenant 6
Grant Robert L. S/Sgt. 8
Green William R. 1st Lieutenant 5
Gremel Norman A. Private 1st Class 14
Grenci Joseph L. T/4 11
Griffin John R. Corporal 13
Grimm Laurence F. Captain 4
Griswold Alexander P. Major 3
Grones Dow S. Major 3
Grosso Louis J. Private 1st Class 14
Guiet Jean C. 1st Lieutenant 5
Gulley John B. Captain 4
Gulliford Richard D. Sergeant 10
Gullixon Harold R. 2nd Lieutenant 6
Gunderman George Captain 4
Haimson Fima T/Sgt. 9
Hall Thomas Private 1st Class 14
Halterman Thomas D. Sergeant 10
Hamada Dick S. Sergeant 10
Hamm Edward B. Major 3
Hanger Theodore T/Sergeant 9
Hanson Palmer L. 2nd Lieutenant 6
Harper Douglas 1st Lieutenant 5
Harris Claude M. Sergeant 10
Hartman Edgar M., Jr. 2nd Lieutenant 6
Hasper John E. Captain 4
Hauge Olaf M. Sergeant 10
Hawkins Raymond W. Sergeant 10
Haydu Edward C. T/5 12
Hayne Frank B. Colonel 1
Hazelwood William F. 2nd Lieutenant 6
Head George W., Jr. Private 1st Class 14
Helf Earnest C. 1PO 18
Helfrich Baird V. Major 3
Heller Francis G. Private 15
Helsko Henry A. T/5 12
Hemming George T. 1st Lieutenant 5
Henderson Henry G. 3PO 18
* Hengshoon Harry "Skittles" Major 3
Henning Robert A., Jr. Sergeant 10
Heppner Richard B. Colonel 1
Hess William V. Private 1st Class 14
Hibner John A. T/5 12
Hihiloch John L. T/4 11
Hill Gene T/3 10
Hill William B. 2nd Lieutenant 6
Hilsman Roger S. 1st Lieutenant 5
Hine Wilton J. 1st Lieutenant 5
Hines Harry G. S/Sergeant 8
Hoagland Paul V. Private 1st Class 14
Hoborrow Robert G. Sergeant 10
Hofacker William A. T/Sergeant 9
Hoffman William R. S/Sergeant 8
Hoffman John W. Private 1st Class 14
Hollinger Sherard F. 2nd Lieutenant 6
Holofchak William T/5 12
Honda Robert T. T/4 11
Hong Chan S/Sergeant 8
Hook Carl L. 2nd Lieutenant 6
Hooker John C. 1st Lieutenant 5
Hopiak George A. 2nd Lieutenant 6
Hopper Jay M. Private 1st Class 14
Hornsby Geter K. MM2/c 18
Horton Jack E. Major 3
Houston Philip W. Major 3
Houts Marshall W. Sergeant 10
Howell Charles A. Corporal 13
Howell John I. Private 1st Class 14
Hubbard Ralph H. Lt. Jg. 16
Huber Carl S/Sergeant 8
Huc Harry J. Corporal 13
Hudson Sam H., Jr. Corporal 13
Huffman James E. Private 1st Class 14
Huggins James H. Captain 4
Hughes Jessie L. 1st Lieutenant 5
Hughes John W. S/Sergeant 8
Hughes Dudly H> Sergeant 10
Hughes Kenneth E. Sergeant 10
Hultin Emerick J. Private 1st Class 14
Hunnicut James N. T/5 12
Hunter David A. Major 3
Hunter Harry J. Captain 4
Hunter David G. Private 1st Class 14
Husslein Warren Private 1st Class 14
Hutter Charles C. 1st Lieutenant 5
Ice Kenneth W. Private 1st Class 14
Imbrey Howard T/4 11
Inai Hidoo T/5 12
Ioomis William F. Captain 4
Irmiter James F. T/5 12
Irwin Richard C. 1st Lieutenant 5
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