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Sent: Friday, August 29, 2003 8:03 AM

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Here is a personal note.  Feel free to share it with your membership.

Please let your membership know that the members of OSS 101 remain an
important part of Kachin society. Every time I go to Myitkyina I am amazed
that nearly every person I meet will reference OSS 101 in our conversation
at one point or another. Even young people, probably the great-grandchildren
of your comrades, know the exploits of 101. I've had vets and their families
proudly show me their documents and photos, tell me epic stories of 101 that
are now a part of Kachin folklore, and constantly shower me with
affection--affection earned not by me, but by the members of 101.  When I
talk to vets, they always tell me that as members of the Kachin Rangers they
were eager to serve with the Americans because you treated them with the
honor and dignity worthy of their warrior race. You guys did a hell of a job
and you made a difference.

Maj Jim McAndrew
USADO Rangoon