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A great CD that is in effect a multi media scrapbook of First Lieutenant Gordon Shepard in the Burma Campaign is now available from his son John for $10. John's e mail address is

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My name is Robert Curtis. My Grandfather was 1st Lt. Robert W. Tibbetts who as a member of Det101 in the CIB theater was killed in action on the 5th of March 1945 in the Ledo area. I was hoping to post this information on your site to see if anyone can offer any information on my Grandfathers mission or the hope that anyone with personal knowledge of him may read it. Specifically, Lt(jg) Richard T. Walsh or Capt. Wesley S. Bogdan. These men were supposedly close friends of his and in attendance when he was buried in the Military Cemetery at Ledo.


Any help would be appreciated.



Robert Curtis

Robert Curtis